Jsme audio nadšenci a milovníci akustiky. Jsme pyšní na to, že vyrábíme produkty, které svou kvalitou i designed převyšují běžný standard. Naše výrobky se dostávají přímo na pulty obchodů a přináší potěšení lidem po celém světě. Tymphany je mezinárodní společnost, která dodává produkty pro známé světové značky v oblasti spotřební elektroniky, profesionálních studiových a pódiových systémů a měničů. Kořeny Tymphany sahají až do roku 1926, kdy v Dánsku vznikla společnost Peerless. Produkty, které se dnes pod hlavičkou Peerless by Tymphany vyrábějí, jsou vlajkovou lodí společnosti a jsou na trhu považovány za měřítko kvality. Nyní si Tymphany našla cestu i do České republiky, kde bude dále stavět na mnoholeté tradici výroby kvalitní akustiky a audia.

We are audio enthusiasts and acoustic lovers. We create products that stand out thanks to its unique design and quality and could be found on the shelves of your favourite shop. Tymphany is an international company who partners with world-known brands and can offer wide range of products in the area of consumer electronics, professional studio and stage systems or transducers. Tymphany roots date back to 1926 when Peerless was founded in Denmark. Today the Peerless name lives on as a product line and a Tymphany flag ship. Many of the drivers produced under Peerless brand became industry benchmark. Now Tymphany has found its way to the Czech Republic, where it will continue building on the long tradition of quality acoustics and audio.


Tymphany is a fast-growing company that is in continuous need of skilled colleagues. We are looking for an experienced recruiter to join our ranks, someone whit great communication skills, open-minded and with a good ability to convey the company spirit and represent the values we stand for. And if you are an audio lover, the better :).

You should enjoy doing the following:

• Managing recruitment processes from the initial recruitment request to on-boarding
• Pre-screening and pre-selection of the candidates, preparing recommendations for managers
• Organizing interviews, communicating with the candidates
• Understanding the needs of individual departments and its managers
• Organizing medical checks and other necessary steps within the hiring process plus all related administration
• Using different recruitment channels - social media, referral, adverts
• HR marketing - creating the company awareness, helping in establishing the Tymphany employer brand
• Setting cooperation with schools and universities

Your job would be a little harder without having these:

• Open-minded approach, ability to communicate well
• Sense of belonging, ability to convey the company spirit and culture to the candidates
• Very good English written and spoken (daily use, English speaking managers and candidates)
• At least 1 year experience with recruitment, or the right personality 🙂

Why choose us:

• Opportunity to be part of exciting international projects in a growing company
• A meaningful job with solutions being implemented into everyday work
• A cooperative company culture fuelled by love and passion for audio
• Attractive working conditions (flexible working hours, contribution for pension, meals and leisure, adjustable tables, occasional home office, 25 days of holiday, etc.)

If you are keen to give it a try, send us your CV in English. We look forward to receiving your application and meeting you in person!

Katka Spáčilová


Tymphany Acoustic Technology Europe, s.r.o.
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Tymphany Acoustic Technology Europe, s.r.o.
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Czech Republic


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